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A comic-book style illustration of a horse kissing a Dalmatian.

Why Are Dalmatians Connected To Fire Fighters?

Before Fire Trucks, Firefighters Used Horses To Move Their Heavy Equipment. These Horses Were Often Targeted By Thieves, So Fire Houses Adopted Guard Dogs. Out Of All The Breeds, Dalmatians Developed The Closest Bond With The Horses And Eventually Became A Common Sight At Most Fire Departments.

A comic-book style illustration of of a man in a chef's hat kneading French Bread dough.

Why Is 13 Called A Baker's Dozen?

In England In the 13th century, Bakers Had A Sneaky Habit Of Baking Smaller Loaves To Cheat Customers. When King Henry III Made It Illegal To Short Sell Loaves Of Bread, Bakers Began To Include A Thirteenth Loaf With Every Dozen To Avoid Jail Time (Or Worse).

A comic-book style illustration of a man nervously pumping gas into his car at a gas station.

Why Can't You Pump Your Own Gas In New Jersey?

In 1949, new jersey passed a law Making it illegal for drivers to fill Their own tanks, citing safety Concerns. After 70 years, this law Still stands in new jersey today. In Fact, new jersey is the only state Where it is illegal everywhere and At any time of the day to pump your Own gas.

Two flamingos together with one eating a chocolate bar.

Why Are Flamingos Pink?

Surprisingly, Flamingos Are Not Naturally Pink. They Are Born With White Or Gray Feathers And Gradually Get Their Pink From The Shrimp And Algae They Eat.